5 Tips For Planning A Major Home Renovation

There will come a time that your home will need a major renovation, either to revamp the bathroom, fix the kitchen, or to add more rooms. Either way, a big home renovation will require a lot of planning to do, the costs, the design for your project, and the time plan, among others. In fact, a plan will either make or break your home renovation.

Here are some tips for planning to ensure your major home renovation will go smoothly from the get-go.

1.    Know why you need to renovate

Ask yourself why you need to renovate? Home remodeling is a significant work that will require a big amount of labor and money, so you need to make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Most renovations begin with problems on space, plumbing or ventilation. Either way, keep in mind why you need to renovate and focus on this reason as you plan.

2.    Consult a designer

When it comes to designs and beautifying a house, a designer knows best. Consulting a designer will help you finalize the overall theme for your dream renovation. Moreover, interior designers and architects can offer suggestions to your design that will work around your budget.

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3.    Prepare a budget

Compile a realistic budget for your planned renovation. Before beginning with the improvement, it is wise to list everything on a spreadsheet – from the materials to labor. By doing this, you can see the areas where you can make adjustments accordingly. When you are planning for your budget, always allot at least 20 percent for unexpected expenses.

If you are low on budget, financing options like home improvement loans can help. You can also use your home equity to fund your home renovation. Consult your local bank or brokers like Mortgage Broker Grand Prairie to know more about home improvement loans you can avail.

4.    Don’t skimp on the quality

Stretching a budget is a good thing. However, compromising quality to save a few bucks now can cost you a fortune in the future. When going over the materials to use in your home renovation, make sure it will last for a long time. Be aware also that expensive does not mean quality. Do your research and even ask for recommendations from designers or architects. You will be surprised by the number of inexpensive yet quality products you can purchase from the market.

Another saving tip is to choose energy efficient options for your light bulbs and other home appliances. Going green can save you energy and reap your savings for years to come.

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5. Do not work on too many rooms at once

When doing a big renovation that involves many rooms or the whole home itself, going one room at a time is the best approach. Doing every area at once will only leave you feeling unsettled, frustrated, and unmotivated. Try focusing first on the room where you spend most of your time like the living area or the kitchen area. If budget allows, you can move on to the next place.

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