Designing The Perfect Space For Your Marketing Agency

Some industries seem to be at the forefront of office design, and the companies in these industries lead the way in creating fantastic workspaces. The technology sector, including digital marketing, is one such industry that is well known for doing things differently. Google is one company that is recognised as being a leader in creating exciting and different workplaces for their employees, adding lots of fun features to make working more fun. Below are some of the things you can do to create an exciting office space for your marketing agency and help you attract the best talent around for your company.

Ask Your Employees What They Want

One of the best ways to boost productivity in your office is by providing your employees with excellent conditions within which to work. You will want to start by asking your employees what they want to see in the office to help them be more productive and create a great working environment. You will most likely get some outlandish requests, but you will also get some excellent ones that may work, so hold an anonymous poll and ask your employees what they want to see in the office. Some suggestions may include:

  • Standing Desks
  • A Breakout Area
  • A Pool Table
  • A Drinks Fridge
  • Healthy Food Options
  • A Quiet Place To Relax Or Meditate
  • Shower Facilities

Work Out Your Available Budget

When you have an idea of what you will include in your office refurbishment, you will need to work out the costs. Whether you require office refurbishment in Bristol or anywhere else in the country, speak to a company that specialises in this at the planning stage, and it can help save money and headaches. Some suggestions from your employees will be impractical, whether it is down to space or cost, and a reputable office refurbishment company can soon set you straight.

It Is Not All About The Layout

Some companies pay a lot of attention to their office layout, and when it comes to furnishing it, they seem to go for a cheap option. If you are going to create a suitable environment for your business, you will want to invest in quality office furniture, including chairs and desks. If a space looks fantastic, but the chairs and desks are uncomfortable, you will not see an increase in productivity at all. You may even find productivity goes down as people are uncomfortable at their workstations.

Select An Appropriate Colour Scheme

As well as the layout, furniture, and design of your space, you will also need to think carefully about the colour scheme you choose for your office. Many companies try to select a colour scheme that reflects the colours in their company logo, often going overboard with it. It is usually best to have varying spots of colour in your office, which helps break things up and ensure one colour is not too garish. The colours in your scheme can also help boost productivity, so it is worth doing some research on the subject before breaking out the paintbrush and roller.

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