DIY Landscaping Projects Homeowners Should Do This Fall


Everyone likes to get their hands dirty during the spring season so that they can enjoy their landscaping projects in the summer season. However, fall may be the perfect time to start your DIY landscaping project. The weather is cool enough to keep you comfy and since the summer deadline is far away you can do the project without being rushed. While people prefer to DIY these projects, you can also search for “landscape companies near me” and hire professionals to do it for you. Let’s check out some amazing DIY landscaping projects you can do this fall:

The Projects

  1. Outdoor Kitchen – This DIY project can make outdoor barbeques extremely enjoyable for you. If nothing, building outdoor kitchen cabinets can allow you to cook like a pro chef or at least feel like one when you’re grilling those burgers. People usually go for wooden outdoor kitchen cabinets for this kind of project. While that’s great for aesthetics, steel cabinets would do a better job at resisting the elements. No need to rub back and forth between your home and your backyard.

You can also build a complete outdoor kitchen island in your backyard. However, sourcing the right materials is very important. If you want to stick to a budget, you can build a kitchen island with pavers. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, and stacking them up with industrial adhesive allows you to build the perfect island. You can also choose a traditional style and make an outdoor kitchen with bricks. However, this needs more work since you need to build a concrete slab as a stable foundation.

  1. Firepit – Want to beat the chill of the winter season while reading a book out in the cold? Build a DIY fire pit this fall. They are easy landscaping projects that add a lot of character to your backyard while being highly functional.

You can make fire pits out of all kinds of materials. For instance, you can build a stone firepit and be creative to make it affordable. You can make a circle with stones and lay sand right above the grass. You can also build a flagstone fire pit the same way. However, this needs more work since it needs a concrete base and walls.

You can also stack up pavers to make a fire pit or build one with natural rocks on your property. You can hammer the rocks to split them into smaller sizes so that they are easy to stack.

  1. Walkway – Walkways are important structures since they prevent you from walking on grass and compacting the soil while also adding interest and texture to the landscape. Pebbles like river rocks and pea stones are some of the best materials for a walkway. While installing them is easy, those materials cost a lot. If you want to stick to a budget, try building a paver or concrete walkway.

While concrete walkways are difficult to build, they can last for over two decades with proper maintenance and care. You can also build them in any shape or configuration you want. If you want a more modern and edgy walkway, slate stones are the best materials. Otherwise, you can build a cobblestone walkway for that classic look.

For environmentalists and those who want a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution, pallet walkways are the way to go. You can repurpose pallets to create paths and make them go through your garden any way you want.

  1. Landscape Edging – For those who are looking forward to adding more style and depth to their landscape, border edging is a viable option. It’s a neat little design element that defines the flow of your landscape and can be made with wood, pavers, brick, stone, and several other types of materials.

You can also pursue pure function and build garden edging to contain your garden beds. It brings your garden to the next level and also helps to preserve the structure of the soil. You can build a rock garden edging to add to your hardscaping and make a clear distinction between your garden and your lawn.

Homeowners who want the perfect synergy usually go with flower bed edging. It’s both decorative and highly practical. For instance, flower bed edging creates a beautiful and vibrant look and if you have tap root plants, their roots can dig deep to contain the plants.


  1. Mulch Islands – Adding a ring of mulch around your trees is a great landscaping feature that also protects the trees during the cold season and brings other benefits. A mulch ring around your trees looks amazing, especially if it has a dark brown color that contrasts the green lawn. It also insulates the ground and prevents temperature fluctuations during the winter season.

Moreover, mulch also protects your trees from mowers and trimmers. If you add organic mulch, it can also slowly break down and add nutrients to the soil. The tree uses it for the following seasons and blooms in all its glory during the spring season. The best part about mulch is that it’s abundant and some towns offer it for free to their residents.

  1. Stump Decor – Your tree may have been chopped down or fallen after a storm. Instead of ruining the garden by getting rid of the stump, you can make the stump into an excellent decorative landscape feature.

You can repurpose the stump into a planter and make it into a flower bed. However, you need to hollow out the center and fill it up with high-quality soil for the plants to thrive. If the stump is wide enough, you can also repurpose it into a table. Surround it with a few wooden blocks for seating.


Now that you know about the different types of DIY landscaping projects, you should buy or rent the necessary tools and materials and start transforming your backyard. Otherwise, you can search for “landscape companies near me” to hire professionals and let them do it for you.

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