Your All-Important Guide to the Most Notable Trends in Show Home Design Today

A lot has happened in the past year, and there have indeed been many changes – but one thing that doesn’t change is the appeal of a beautiful show home. Show homes aim to showcase a property to make it as attractive as possible for potential buyers, and the right show home can make potential buyers imagine how it must feel to live in such a stunning place. But if you are in the process of creating a show home, you need to have the proper knowledge of what works – and what doesn’t. Keeping your ear to the ground is the beginning, and if you want a show home that genuinely wows the crowd, here’s your all-important guide to the most notable trends in show home design today.

The opposite of minimalist

The minimalist approach continues to be popular in interior design, but even whilst this approach is bound to stay, there’s another approach that you can utilise as well: being maximalist. A maximalist show home is just as its name implies – it’s a home adorned with colour and has a free-spirited appeal that combines creativity and character. You can use this approach by mixing patterns that contrast across your show home scheme and combining eclectic elements with different prints. It also pays to blend smaller scale décor with large scale décor, particularly on the walls, for a more striking ambience and quirky layers.

A mix of stripes and checks

Mixing stripes with checks was seen as a fashion no-no, but things are changing in retail wear – as they are in showhome interior design. Most everyone loves these patterns, and combining the two has become quite the trend, especially when you choose classic checkered patterns and in-season stripes. In addition, you can mix and match the two in varying scales to achieve the proper balance, such as a bed with checked cushions combined with walls in stripes.

Sculptural pieces of furniture

To give your show home that extra ‘wow’ factor, pay attention to the selection of your furniture. Organic shapes and sculptural pieces are on-trend, and sculptural elements can become a focal point in a neutral space. Shapely and curved furniture can draw the viewer’s eye, and you can also make use of ceramic décor and other elements to get the viewer’s attention and liven up the space.

Wall hangings and murals in a tropical theme

Most experts will tell you to keep the space neutral, so it’s easier for people to imagine how they can decorate it themselves. But it doesn’t hurt to add a bold element or two – in fact, it’s encouraged. For example, you can add something daring yet welcoming, such as wall hangings and murals in a tropical theme. These wall hangings or coverings, complete with dreamy yet lively scenes, can make your show home interior come alive, and if you want something more unique, go for woven patterns that add more depth and texture.

Modern rustic themes

A modern rustic theme is a definite pleaser, and it appeals to almost everyone who appreciates modern comforts yet like a living space to have more character. Of course, the theme works best with striking features like wooden floors or exposed beams, but you can still use it to establish harmony between old and new. Think reclaimed wood, for example, whether in furniture or décor.

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